Friday, May 20, 2011

A present to myself

Got my sous vide magic in the mail today. It's been on it's way for a week and it's been a week of high anticipation. I hooked it up to the power and checked the calibration roughly by putting the sensor under my tongue. It showed 35.9 which is about right for oral temperature. I figured that meant it was about right.

The quick start guide was easy to follow. It didn't come with the machine but it was a quick download. Plugged it all in and attached the rice cooker I got from “the good guys” for 40 bucks.

It stabilised pretty quickly so I set it to 63. The guide recommends trying some eggs to start with. So a couple of eggs went straight in the pot. The first came out at 45 minutes. On home made salt free toast it was nice but strange. The white as I expected wasn't really done but the yolk made up for that. Warm, thick and delicious.

I had to go out and not wanting to leave strange electrical equipment on with no one home I turned it off at about the 1 hour mark (with one egg left inside). I got back from dinner about 2 hours later. The temperature had fallen to 55. Still above the safe temperature. What the hell, I'll eat it! The white was the same as before but the yolk was quite different. It didn't take much to tease the yolk away from the white. Rinsed under hot running water it cleared to a clean separate sphere. I put it back in a bath of hot water from the sous vide. The white begged to be fried so I fried that and put the yolk back on at the end. This is the result.

One ingredient, egg.  Warmed and then lightly fried. 
Couldn't get a much simpler food than that.

The white was quite different to normal. Not better, not worse, just different. The yolk on the other hand had the consistency of cold honey but the taste of a savoury custard. Absolutely delicious.

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