Monday, June 20, 2011

Things done differently

I experienced a different take on food over the past few days. Some green vegetables, potato and slow cooked meat. Hey, that sounds like my normal fare. No not quite.

Meat cooked with potato with more mashed potato on the side and vegetables cooked in brine 'til grey

This meal resulted from my having chest pains (nothing found) that put me in hospital for 2 days of tests. The food I was served was so salty it was almost inedible, and amazingly despite the fact that they clearly had more prep time spent on them than anything you can see on this blog, they were completely disgusting. Tasteless, salty, grey food that had been ground, cooked and mashed to a paste.

Chicken parts, cooked 'til tough, covered with brown salty cornflour hydrocolloid, accompanied by potato done two ways and broccoli well cooked in brine, salted, steamed some more and then reheated.  Set off with wonderfully by Creamy Rice Pudding, made from 9 mystery ingredients, but mainly rice and sugar.  Yum

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