Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Made Yoghurt

I put the Sous Vide Magic into a new environment yesterday.  I've been making yoghurt for the past couple of months but the box I ferment in is quite small and the bizzare electrics inside quite dangerous with exposed 240 volt wiring.  It depends on my remembering to turn it off before I open the lid.  As I've discovered, if it's physically possible to make a mistake, eventually, you will. 

So I thought I might be able to solve all the problems at once with the SVM.  Got a big plastic storage box, put some waterproof christmas lights inside and connected it all up to the SVM set to 42.5 C.  The sensor was picking up the air temperature in the box, rather than the yoghurt temperature.  It came up to 37.5 quite quickly but at that point the lights started to flash and the temperature stopped rising.  Bringing 6 kg of yoghurt up from 30 C to 42.5 with flashing christmas lights just wasn't happening.  I turned it up to 50 for a couple of hours and it held 45 air temperature quite well.  Then dropped it back to 42.5 and that held perfectly overnight.  14 hours later the yoghut came out of the warmer and into the fridge.  A great batch!

6 litres of full cream milk, 660 grams of skim milk powder, 400 grams of the last batch. Hold it all at 42.5 for 12-15 hours

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