Monday, July 4, 2011

Taking the Fear out of Chicken

I mentioned before that the times for chicken were really guesswork as Baldwin doesn't go down that far. So I wrote to him and asked him to extend the table a bit further down in temperature. I expected him to perhaps add something in the next edition, but instead I got a personal reply!

Pasteurization times (6D reduction in Listeria)
for thawed poultry in a 55˚C (131˚F) water bath 
based on thickness are below:

5mm – 5 hr
10mm – 5 hr
15mm – 5 hr
20mm – 5½ hr
25mm – 5¾ hr
30mm – 6¼ hr
35mm – 6½ hr
40mm – 7 hr
45mm – 7¾ hr
50mm – 8¼ hr
55mm – 8¾ hr
60mm – 9½ hr
65mm – 10¼ hr
70mm – 11 hr

Very best wishes,

I'm quite overwhelmed!

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