Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nailing Down the Numbers

Salt free bread seems too easy after all the dire warnings on the net. I made another batch tonight and thought I'd weigh out the ingredients as I went this time. I did a previous post that said how nice it was but had no measures. Pretty pointless.

Everything in grams.

Bakers Flour 724
Yeast 16
Sugar 46
Olive Oil 30
Water 450

In a bowl I mixed the dry ingredients then made a well and added the water and oil. Mixed it all by hand. Kneaded the whole lot up. Left it for 2 hours. Divided in two, kneaded again, rolled into a sausage shape and put in oiled pans to rise for another hour and then baked at 175 C 'til golden.  (about 50 minutes).  Remove from the oven and after about 10 minutes, turn the loaves out onto a cooling rack.  

It works well in the oven, but the same ingredients in the bread making machine aren't good.  Just doesn't seem to cook correctly.

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